Embracing Yorkshire’s Winter Charm at Petal & Barley

September 15, 2023

Embracing Yorkshire’s Winter Charm at Petal & Barley

Your Dreamy Winter Escape: Embracing Yorkshire’s Charm at Petal & Barley.

Discover the Magic of Winter at Petal & Barley

Winter is an enchanting time to visit Petal & Barley, where the rugged Yorkshire coastline meets the luxury and warmth of our charming cottages. Whether you are seeking a snug romantic getaway, an invigorating family holiday, or a solo retreat to recharge, our cottages offer the ideal setting. Here, we unveil the secrets to making the most of your winter break at Petal & Barley.

Exclusive Offer for Returning Guests

As a token of our appreciation, returning guests can enjoy a complimentary hot tub experience upon arrival. Get in touch with us directly to arrange this luxurious treat, saving you £50 and setting the tone for a pampering stay.


Choosing Your Winter Haven: Wavecrest & Meadow View Cottage

Select from two picturesque cottages, each boasting distinctive characteristics and a welcoming atmosphere.

Wavecrest Cottage Flamborough provides a spacious sanctuary accommodating up to 8 people. This modern retreat features a generously sized living room with a crackling fireplace, a well-equipped kitchen, tranquil bedrooms, inviting bathrooms, and a secluded garden adorned with a rejuvenating hot tub, all within a stone’s throw from the serene beach and awe-inspiring cliffs.

Meanwhile, the Meadow View Cottage nestled by the sea in Saltburn presents a cosy yet roomy environment, equally accommodating up to 8 guests. Step into an inviting ambiance with a spacious dining area, comfy bedrooms, modern bathrooms, and a raised decking area offering breathtaking views of the rolling countryside.

Smart Packing for Your Winter Retreat

Though the UK winter can bring a cold and damp atmosphere, it certainly doesn’t dampen the vibrant experiences awaiting at Petal & Barley. Ensure you come prepared with warm and waterproof attire, complemented by essential toiletries and nourishments. Worry not about over-packing, as we bestow upon you a range of complimentary amenities including tea, coffee, sugar, milk, and delightful doggie treats. Moreover, a selection of shops and eateries lie a short distance away, catering to all your needs.

Embarking on Scenic Adventures Around Petal & Barley

There’s no shortage of exhilarating activities and attractions encompassing our cottages. Traverse the sandy shores or the majestic cliff tops, a haven for stunning vistas and vibrant wildlife. Must-visit local attractions include the iconic Flamborough Lighthouse, the historic Saltburn Pier, the mystical Whitby Abbey, or the expansive North York Moors National Park. From surfing to horse riding, an array of outdoor activities beckons, promising unforgettable memories. More information on the exciting extras we offer can be found on our website or in our welcome pack.

Unwind and Relish: Your Cosy Yorkshire Sanctuary

After a day brimming with exploration, retreat to the tranquil luxury of our cottages. Nestle on the plush sofa with a captivating book or a thrilling movie, or immerse yourself in the hot tub with a fine glass of wine. Ignite the fireplace for a cosy evening with your dear ones, or your furry companion. Whether indulging in culinary delights prepared in our furnished kitchen or savouring a meal from recommended takeaways, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our cottages also host a selection of entertainment options, promising joyous moments and relaxation to your heart’s content.

We fervently wish these tips empower you to savor the epitome of winter breaks at Petal & Barley. Our commitment is to facilitate a stay that is nothing short of unforgettable. Awaiting with eager anticipation to welcome you soon! 😊





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